Sunday, February 27, 2005

Numa Numa Hits the NY Times

As much as I love the Times, you have to admit that when it reports on an underground cultural phenomenon, the joke is officially dead. So say goodbye to the cool factor associated with watching the video of the kid dancing along to the Romanian pop hit "Dragostea Din Tei," or any of the videos spoofing it.

Also of note in Sunday's Times:

Dowd calls Bush on the hypocrisy of lecturing Putin about how to run an open democracy when our American system is so plagued by problems. Extra points for working in a reference to Condi's dominatrix boots.

Feel bad for Paris Hilton! How would you feel if your personal privacy were invaded and the contents of your mobile phone published on the internet? Although if your password is your dog's name, you are obviously not taking adequate precautions. While the whole sidekick scandal does raise interesting points about the threats to privacy in this digital age, that concern is outweighed by the humor of watching Paris shill for the sidekick in T-Mobile's latest ad campaign. It's hot!

Those unsure of the laws of Kashrut can now take to the internet and check out NY State's online registry of Kosher laws and products. Oy!


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