Thursday, March 10, 2005

Article Round-Up

Reading period at Dartmouth means more time then usual spent on the web looking for fun/unusual articles to use to waste time. The best so far:

For the empowered single woman: The Bachelorette Who Set Us Free. Is anyone else disturbed by the fact that He's Not that Into You is on the "Campus Bestsellers" shelf at the Dartmouth Bookstore? If he's a Dartmouth boy, it's not about you, its about his pong game.

For the Van Wilder Fan: Teen Faces Charges for Prank. And they argue that the media doesn't influence people's behavior. I'm sure I'll never look at a canoli the same way again.

For anyone who suffered through summer hw:Judge Gives Homework Lawsuit a Big Fat"F"
I heard about this case of a boy suing in protest of summer homework a while ago, and I'm glad that a teacher's right to assign overly moralistic young adult literature or tedious Document-Based Questions is rightfully protected.

The nose knows: Scent of the Nile. Fascinating look into the world of perfume, and another thing to do with that orgo class you've been struggling with for the last 2 terms.


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