Friday, March 11, 2005

Et tu, Jon?

Sometimes the least likely people turn on you, or your school. Apparently, on last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart made the following crack about our beloved college:

Stewart: "this weekend debuts the new SAT test. It tells whether you'll be a success or a Dartmouth grad."

watch it here (thanks dartblog)

Such a remark is interesting for a few reasons. First, it seems very arbitrary...of all the colleges Stewart (a William & Marry grad) could have picked on, we seem on odd choice, both because of our relatively low profile compared to a larger school like Cornell, and because, well, our SAT scores are pretty high, if I've been reading US News correctly. Secondly, however, it indicates that maybe our image problem is bigger than we imagined, and that maybe, as much as it pains me to say it, BuzzFlood does have a point. In light of the ongoing debate about the Trustee Elections, which I've avoided mentioning so far, perhaps the issue of the College's image and national reputation is more pressing that I'd imagined if we are getting trashed on national television.

It all makes sense (via Dartblog again):
"Ryan Bender e-mails in...

'It definitely doesn't make much sense for our school to be mentioned like that-- the zinger came totally out of left field-- but I might have an answer for you.

The clip made its way to the marching band [e-mail] list today, and we got this as an explanation:

"So apparently the reason for the Dartmouth joke is that Charlotte Heleniak '06 ... is interning for the Daily Show this term and was on the set last night, so this was a little jab at her. In case you were wondering...'"


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