Tuesday, March 22, 2005

How Meta

More back-patting in the Dartmouth Blogosphere, albeit along political lines.
On the Volokh Conspiracy, Todd Zywicki, (one of the petition candidates) praises the growing Dartmouth blogsphere and the rise of sophisticated discourse. He singles out Dartblog, The Dartmouth Observer, Voices in the Wilderness and the good ole' Dartlog.

Dartblog picks up on the post here.

Chien Wen Kung on the Dartmouth Observer comments here, and notices this blog.

The Little Green Blog also links to Zywicki, but rightly points out that all the blogs that he highlights are right-leaning ones. LGB mentions the Free Dartmouth blog as the only liberal blog he knows of. And while that is for the most part true (Outvox is decidedly moderate), most of the posters are alums of the College, not current students.

It's ironic that while the majority of the campus is left-leaning, the majority of the voices heard are more conservative ones. Has the Dartmouth left become complacent? I would hope not, especially in light of the on-going discussions about free speech on campus and our college's future.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If by "decidedly moderate," you mean "offers commentary from a New York-centric worldview about subjects she finds in the New York Times and Slate," then yes.

11:24 AM  

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