Sunday, March 13, 2005

No Wonder Martha and Maureen are Single

Update: Thanks Malchow

According to this blurb in this month's Atlantic Online, The Atlantic Online | April 2005 | Primary Sources, us smart brainy career women are screwed, figuratively, when it comes to the whole marrying thing:

Too Smart to Marry

The bad news is coming fast for brainy career women. For one thing, they're less likely to get married—perhaps because (according to a study recently published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior) men prefer to date and marry women who occupy subordinate positions in the workplace, or because (according to a survey carried out by four British universities) female intelligence itself reduces the odds of wedlock. (The latter study found that for every 15-point increase in IQ score above the average, women's likelihood of marrying fell by almost 60 percent.) And another study, led by a professor at Ohio State University, suggests that women who do get married and have children will see their job prospects diminish. Two hundred undergraduates were asked to make hiring and promotion recommendations for a law firm based on résumés that differed only as to sex and whether the applicant was married with children. The result: women with children were less likely to be hired and promoted than either men or childless women, whereas men with children were actually favored in hiring over their childless male counterparts.

So not only are the odds bad biologically if the IQ score argument is true, but we are faced with the fabulous paradox that even if we do manage to get married and have children from positions of authority, our ability to progress beyond that point in our careers starts to decrease. Thanks, Atlantic, for making the days I've spent in the library this last week seem even more worthwhile in light of my future happiness. (Disclaimer: Such an attitude does not mean that I think that the only acceptable role for woman is to get married, just a reflection of the general discontent I sometimes feel as a smart woman trying to balance competing desires for success and family).

Also, check out the byline on the bottom. It's Ross, that guy is everywhere these days.


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