Friday, March 18, 2005

Warning: Frivolous Post

So posting this probably undermines any credibility I have, and does not contribute to the debate over the lack of female op-ed columnists that is currently raging. However, I have to share this NY Daily News article (via Gawker) about Intellifit, a scanning robot that takes your measurements and recommends the best clothes for your body. While this may sound like a godsend to anyone who has ever been frustrated while trying to find that perfect pair of overpriced jeans, it makes one stop and think. Is this what people are devoting their R&D money to developing? Does our nation, with its collective eating complexes and hang-ups really need a machine to tell us what size clothes to wear? Although if this system catches on, it might be possible to store measurements and use them at a later date to buy clothes. That would make shopping in Hanover a little easier.


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