Sunday, March 20, 2005

Watch Out Dawson, Here comes Degrassi

File this Times Magazine article, DGrassi Is tha Best Teen TV N da WRLD! under the "Trends They Killed" category. Degrassi High is the wildly popular current version of the Canadian television show. Broadcast on The N, where you can also find the cult '90s television show My So-Called Life (ooo Jordan Catalano), Degrassi has a huge appeal not only for the high school crowd but to anyone who wants to see high school kids played by high school kids, not Adam Brody. But just because the actors may be closer in age to their characters doesn't mean that the Right would find the show any more family-friendly then teen soap operas like The OC. The Degrassi kids deal with abortion, self-mutilation, homosexuality, promiscuity, death, violence, and a whole host of problems along with the usual servings of zits on picture day and cafeteria freefalls. But the willingness to tackle the issues is part of what makes the show appealing. It doesn't sugarcoat (or prada-coat) the issues by making the actors too old, beautiful, or well-dressed to believe. Watch Degrassi and then watch Laguna Beach, and see which one feels more real. Maybe Canada has more to contribute than good hockey players and cities with lower drinking ages after all.


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