Saturday, April 02, 2005

Admissions Fun

It's college acceptance time again, and Dartmouth seems to be doing well, according to this article in Friday's D, '09 Acceptance Rate Hits Record Low. The College's acceptance rate fell to 16.8, and the average SAT scores rose. One sentence in the article, however, particularly caught my eye.

Furstenberg also noticed an increased percentage of southern and western acceptances, comprising 18 and 20 percent respectively."

The flipside of such a statistic is that acceptances from the Northeast have fallen, presumably including those from good ole' Long Island. This statistic may help explain why the admissions game seems to be increasingly harder for students from my high school and similar schools. I wonder how much of a factor geography plays, and whether it in turn influences the character of a class. All I know is that by the time my sister applies in 3 years, it may be ever more impossible to get into a "good" school from LI.


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