Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Bad Tag, Funny Blog

The latest entry into the Dartmouth blogging skirmishes (too lukewarm to actually be called a war) is this entry,Fartlog, a visually accurate spoof of TDR's Dartlog The satiric take-offs of run-of-the-mile Dartlog posts are quite funny. My two reservations are how long Aaron Schlosser '07 can keep this up, since the staff of the Dartlog is quite large, and whether this does anything to further actual debate on campus, as opposed to adding more fire to the liberal-conservative campus divide. Regardless, its still pretty damn funny. Would Schlosser be willing to spoof Malchow too?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh, goodness. I had no idea anybody would know about Fartlog. I really just made it one day as a joke with my roommate. I also personally know the people that I'm lampooning at the Review. It's all in good fun.

I have no interest in liberals or conservatives, but do find the crap that goes on between them very funny. Hence the inspiration for Dartlog. Having an arch-conservative alter-ego is rather fun.


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