Thursday, April 07, 2005

Campus Speech, Anti-Semitism, and The D

The D runs a mini-feature today on the continuing debate about free speech on campus and the existence of a liberal bias in academia. They print 3 articles on the subject, as well as an Op-Ed piece:

Ivies confront free speech uproar: Wright commits to open speech at Dartmouth by Rebekah Rombom '08

Columbia rocked by allegations of anti-Semitism by Rebekah Rombom '08

Prof. exposes dwindling GOP faculty representation by Kristin Kelley '06


Liberal Bias at Dartmouth by Kapil V. Kale '07.

All four articles are interesting and worth reading. The D does not, however, cover the program sponsored by Hillel Monday afternoon, a panel discussion entitled "Roles, Responsibilities, and Relationships of
American Jews with Israel." The program, which featured Prof. Louis Glinert of the AMES department, Prof. Meir Kohn of the Economics Department, and Prof. Ehud Benor of the Religion Department, was a personal, thought-provoking look at how these three professors, all of whom had personal ties to Israel, saw the relationship of American Jewry and the Jewish State.

While the D should have covered the event under any circumstances, reporting on the program would have made even more sense in light of the articles published today for two reasons. The first is that the topic discussed was directly relevant to the issues of contention in the Columbia scandal, and there was some discussion of the questions concerning debate between academics and students on both sides of the Middle East question. Secondly, the panelists represented a wide spectrum of political views, with some decidedly more conservative ideas being expressed. A discussion of both of these issues would have helped bring the more abstract discussion of the Columbia debate and the Klein lecture into a more Dartmouth-Centric context.


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