Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The Fifth Question

Today, The D tries to explain why Pavillion's passover service this year has not been stellar.
Apparently, DDS underestimated the needed number of passover meals and has been running out. They also have no choice but to pass on the increased costs of the Kosher food to students who have no other dining options this week besides endless FoCo salad and matzah pizza made in the dorm kitchen microwave.

The D doesn't discuss, however, a few other grips I have with DDS's passoverness. First, the Pavillion was closed Sunday night, the first full day of Passover. I know that the Pavillion is usually closed Sundays, but that seems like an exception that could have been made. Also, I don't see why DDS doesn't put out boxes of matzah in all the other dining facilities. But at least we have the some options, and all the horseradish and gefilite fish I can eat.


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