Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Columnists for Sale

The NY Times has announced that they are going to start charging $49.95 a year for access to select content, such as the Op-Ed columns and the archives. In response, Timothy Noah of Slate argues that most people would not use the archive service, and could be expected to pay $25 to read the columnists. However, since not all columnists are created equal, he's asked people to allocate their $25 among the 8: Columnists for Sale - The New York Times's risky experiment

My allocation:
David Brooks - $4
Maureen Dowd - $4
Thomas L. Friedman - $4
Bob Herbert -$ 1
Nicholas D. Kristof - $2
Paul Krugman - $2
Frank Rich - $4
John Tierney - $4

Now only imagine if the The D asked people to rate their regular columnists...


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