Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Genius of Paris

The rich dumb blonde strikes again, and its great, as WaPo feels the need to report today in Mama Warned Us About Fast Food And Fast Women. The article discusses her borderline-softcore ad for burger chain Carl Jr., and the fact the company is relying on the publicity over the ad's lewdness to increase its exposure, not actual airing of the ad. The whole thing is kind of funny. I like the way that Carl Jr. is manipulating our obsession with preventing the prurient to increase its brand recognition. And any article that contains the following paragraph is worth a read:

"Hilton is a remarkable creation: a young woman (she's 24) with a famous last name (she is the great-granddaughter of hotel magnate Conrad Hilton) and no visible talent other than an uncanny ability to keep attracting attention. Unlike fellow blondes Jessica Simpson, who play-acts at being ditsy, or Pamela Anderson, who seems terribly calculating and obvious, Hilton seems to come by her dimness the honest, natural way. On her reality show, "The Simple Life"; on Letterman and Leno's couch she comes off as something uncontrived, even genuine -- a rich, good-time gal without a complicated thought in her head. Her infamous "private" sex tape that appeared all over the Internet did nothing to harm her party-hearty cred."

The world is full of poor little rich kids, but Paris isn't one of them. Good for her, and glad she was able to actually eat something along the way.


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