Sunday, May 22, 2005

God and Man in the Ivy League

The Little Green Blog beat me to posting on this NY Times article, "On a Christian Mission to the Top," but I still think it's worth highlighting. The article discusses the proliferation of Evangelical Christian groups among the well-paid and well-educated, particularly at Ivy League Universities. One of the subjects interviewed posited that it was easy to raise money to proselytize in the Ivory Tower because, according to Brown Campus Crusade leader Geoff Freeman,

"It is easy to sell New England in the Midwest," as Mr. Freeman put it later. Midwesterners, he said, see New Englanders as "a bunch of heathens."

This statement strikes me for a number of reasons. First, it is both funny and inflammatory, which is obviously one of the reasons it was published. Second, it conveys an "us" vs. "them" mentality often associated with the liberal left. The Democrats are often criticzed for branding everyone west of the Appalachias and before the Rockys as bible-thumping rednecks. It is interesting to see that us New Englanders are stereotyped just as strongly, and it is indicative of a greater problem in American politics. Finally, the article fails to look at Evangelical groups from other religions, such as the Chabad movement in Orthodox Judaism. Christianity is not the only religion to see a revival of traditionalist practices aimed at the young and educated.


Blogger Douglas said...

A number of other bloggers have mentioned that the article was reasonable, but veered into politics a number of times along the way.

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