Tuesday, May 24, 2005


Jonathan Yardley's WaPo review of "The Washingtonienne" by former staffer and blogger Jessica Cutler, Capitol Hill Siren's Tell-All Fiction, could have been harsher. In between rants at the publishing industry, (was his great American novel rejected?), he finds time to argue that

"What's even more remarkable than this publishing coup is that for about a quarter of the way through, "The Washingtonienne" gives hints of being lively, funny and agreeably in-your-face. Eventually it runs out of steam, but for a while Cutler -- in the voice of Jacqueline Turner, her singularly unheroic heroine -- sticks pins in a lot of deserving targets. Washington itself, for example, is "an easy place" for sex because, lacking "those industries that attract the Beautiful People, such as entertainment and fashion," being "full of young single people and bored married people," even a girl of modest looks can find plenty of action."

Not bad for a book blantantly written to hold on to 15 minutes of fame.


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