Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Trying So Hard...

to like John Tierney now that David Brooks isn't quite cutting it. But his Op-Ed this morning, The Urge to Win, makes it difficult. The article is a purported response to women who feel that they are as competitive as men, arguing through the lens of competitive scrabble that men are more likely to waste their time trying to be the best in such a field because it gives them some reproductive advantage. Still, it comes off as sexist, especially with this line, as funny as it is:

"Of course, just because men evolved with an impulse for competition doesn't mean that it still always makes sense, either for society or for the men themselves. Perhaps winning a Scrabble tournament with a $25,000 prize makes you a better marriage prospect. But I'm not sure how many women want to marry someone who spends his weekends memorizing alphagrams."

Do I sense a little bitterness on the part of Mr. Tierney?


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