Monday, May 09, 2005

You Can't Win

The use of the word "I" is something I try to avoid when posting, but apparently even when I use it in a way that I intend merely to convey my opinion or make a self-deprecating or ironic comment, I'm still self-centered and superfluous. Apparently humor is not something appropriate on "serious" blogs (who knew I was serious)

As Scott Glabe/Kevin Parkman wrote in The Dartmouth Review of Blogs
"But, lest I wax too philosophical, let me get to my main point, which is that such blogs are a downright waste of time—for author and readers alike. One might object that the reader of personal monologues shouldn’t be surprised to discover the drivel described above, but the same self-centered superfluousness pervades even the “serious” blogs at Dartmouth. Julia Bernstein ‘07, who publishes the general-interest blog “Outvox,” concluded a recent post concerning Dartmouth’s gender pay gap with “Note to self: When considering jobs in Academia in the future, stay away from Hanover.”

I’ll be sure to email you a reminder, Ms. Bernstein, as well as making a note to myself that you’ll one day be an Important Figure in Academia."

Thanks, TDR, for always making sure ad hominen attacks are part of the discussion.

The TDR's list of Dartmouth Blogs is worth checking out, however.


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