Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The Sons of Old Dartmouth?

In today's D, Brent Clayton publishes a longwinded op-ed, "Why No One Rages Anymore," which bemoans the loss of masculinity among Dartmouth students. While manyof his points are valid - Dartmouth men are certainly more in touch with their sensitive side than their predecessors, the article soon descends into self-parody. Clayton suggests that Dartmouth men become construction workers and regain their machismo by pouring concrete and welding. While the Swiftian dimensions of this modest proposal are amusing, they make the op-ed too long and too silly to be taken too seriously, which is too bad, since some of the content is worthy of a NY Times Thursday Styles piece.

Note: Joe's Dartblog describes the editorial as "brilliant". Because obsessively blogging is so macho, Joe?


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