Monday, July 04, 2005

What to do with my Degree?

BEcome a producer of a controversial Showtime series? The NYT reports, On a New Showtime Series, America's Protector Is a Muslim on sleeper show, being sure to mention Kamran Pasha.

"'We're showing a Muslim F.B.I. agent, someone who is devout, who is so motivated by both his patriotism as well as his sincere faith as a Muslim that he has to stop these criminals who are abusing his faith,' said Kamran Pasha, a writer on the series and a Muslim, who was born in Karachi, Pakistan, and grew up in Borough Park, Brooklyn. 'Of course the risk always is, even if we show a positive Muslim hero, some people may walk away just thinking their average, next-door neighbor is a sleeper cell member.'

'The very portrayal of an American Muslim working with the government will be controversial,' added Mr. Pasha, 33, a Dartmouth graduate whose major was religion. 'Muslims will say, 'That's a bit of a fantasy - there aren't that many Muslims being allowed to advance in the United States government to play this role.' Non-Muslims will say, 'Could that guy really exist?' '"


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